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InSAN I.T. was formed in late 2000 and built on the foundation that the most important asset that any company has is its information and the technology infrastructure that is used to process it.  

Understanding that the optimum solution will likely involve hardware and software from multiple vendors, InSAN I.T.'s success is based on the fact that we first identify your business needs, then take a hard look at what technology would best suit those needs both now and into the future.

Combining our technical knowledge and ability to implement any number of solutions, we produce a technology infrastructure that provides the highest degree of technical capability while allowing the greatest degree of growth.

At the core of our success with every customer is a series of technology assessments and consulting services we call a Sanity Checksm.  As the name implies, we help to validate the processes and technology solutions that meet your business requirements, and by partnering with you, design, provision, implement and manage those solutions to achieve your business objectives both now and in the future.



Feeling a little stressed out over your information technology challenges?

Relax, it's time for a Sanity Checksm.

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