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The Oracle hardware product line provides us with an excellent foundation to build highly scalable, highly available enterprise systems.  Focusing on both the Unix and Windows market space gives Oracle a clarity of direction that we feel benefits our customers and provides an solid view of the enterprise computing future.

Oracle continues to push the envelope with regards to return on investment and uptime.  Oracle's ODA Appliance solution, combines Oracle hardware, database, and storage with Oracle's RAC (Real Application Cluster) database technology to produce a simple to install, yet fault tolerant environment that truly allows full investment utilization.  Since all processors in the cluster are active, this yields higher performance and eliminates any type of disruption to users should a component in either system fail. 

InSAN I.T. offers a broad range of consulting services surrounding the Oracle server and storage line.  From sizing, implementation, and system administration to complete high availability solution deployments encompassing the servers, storage area networks and remote data centers for maximum system availability, InSAN I.T. can bring the talent and expertise to make your project a success.

If you would like to talk with us about how to maximize your investment in Oracle technology or you are looking at a new initiative and would like to hear how we would design an Oracle solution to meet your needs, please give us a call.


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